What Are Pros and Cons of Homeopathic Treatment?

Published: 27th March 2012
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Knowing the pros and cons of holistic treatments will help you make an educated decision about which remedies are best for you and your family. Some holistic treatments are actually handed down for years and have developed into a trusted part of natural self-care for many.

Even so, there are many holistic treatments that need to be approached with caution. Not every home therapy is safe for those of all ages, and some are utilized only as a last resort when old fashioned medicine has been unsuccessful or there aren't any other alternatives. Natural treatments are often very effective, but like any other treatment, there is also potential for great harm.

The Pros of Holistic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are often easily accessible, low-priced, and easy on the body. Many people who utilize homeopathic cures enjoy not having to visit a doctor and take harsh manufactured medications for well-known conditions like colds, flus, and infections.

Actually, many proponents of homeopathic treatments state these natural cures are better than conventional medicine’s remedies. Homeopathic therapies are most often gathered form all natural ingredients that are much more in a harmonious relationship with the body’s all natural functioning, and do the job by repairing problems at the root instead of only treating symptoms.

The majority of homeopathic remedies are fairly benign, even if they may not be fully effective, because they are made from natural elements. For instance, if you treat an ache in the ear with a beeswax candle, but later consider the earache was a consequence of seasonal allergies, the homeopathic treatment can cause no injury to your body’s typical functioning.

The Disadvantages of Homeopathic Therapies

However, regardless of the numerous advantages of holistic treatments, there are a few drawbacks. Homeopathic remedies usually are not regulated by any sort of governing agency, and therefore are not consistent. If you buy a homeopathic therapy, there's no guarantee that the formula and ingredients are exact, nor is there any proof that the remedy will act as described. A number of scammers take full advantage of consumers’ desires to heal the body with all natural medicine by developing false statements and flawed products defined as homeopathic treatments.

Even though holistic remedies are made from nature, it is essential to note that some strong standard medicines (and poisons) are made from nature at the same time. Lots of plants are harmful to humans, and life-changing medicines such as digitalis are created from flower extracts. St. John’s Wart is a very common homeopathic treatment for depression that, if ever taken inappropriately, may result in overdose or adverse reactions that could require urgent medical treatment.

Using homeopathic treatments is a superb way to take an all natural approach to curing the body and treating ailments without harsh medicines. However, holistic treatments should be used with great care and reverence for the power of natural cures in order to maintain safety.

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